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  • Medido

    Medido is een begrip in de wereld van de thuiszorg. Zij zijn het merk achter de slimme, automatische medicijndispenser; het product dat ervoor zorgt dat clienten in de thuiszorg de juiste medicijnen op het juiste moment ontvangen. Medido heeft ons benaderd om grondig te kijken naar het verbeteren van haar […]

  • Smart energy storage

    Bananagun is proud to be the design partner for BLIQ, the innovative initiative that was launched by Solar Clarity in March 2019. BLIQ offers a solution for smart, sustainable and affordable energy. It is an intelligent platform that provides a detailed insight in your household’s energy consumption. An advanced battery […]

  • Puqpress M2

    The Puqpress Original has made its mark in the world of coffee. Baristas all over the world can’t live without anymore it and coffee has never yet been tamped with such precision and speed. In 2018 our latest Puqpress design was launched, the Puqpress M2. It’s Puqpress technology in a […]

  • Like a BOSS

      Gerrard Str. is relatively new on the scene but already left quite an impression with their high tech, life-style take on the circular economy. Gerrard St. headphones have a completely modular design, which means that if the owners have a broken cable or a malfunctioning speaker, there is no […]


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