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  • Be a boss

      Gerrard Str. is relatively new on the scene but already left quite an impression with their high tech, life-style take on the circular economy. Gerrard St. headphones have a completely modular design, which means that if the owners have a broken cable or a malfunctioning speaker, there is no […]

  • Handshake with the Internet Of Things

      In 2016 we got the invitation to work together with Post&Eger, a Dutch supplier of high quality door fittings. To fuel their innovation strategy they asked us for a designers perspective on future access to buildings. A question that gets our design juices flowing! The challenge was to create […]

  • The Original Puqpress

    Precision tool for Baristas With our help Barista Technology was able to develop a product that is fast, intuitive and ready for mass production. The design was made with careful consideration of its users: baristas all over the world. Puqpress intuitively guides the port-a-filter in place where an inductive sensor automatically sets in […]

  • High Five Bell

    A short while ago we made a creative pit stop in Amsterdam at Buutvrij For Life, masters in marketing. We felt it was time for a design intermezzo and wanted to work together with fellow creatives on something unique, quirky and one-off.  The challenge we set was: to find the ultimate […]

  • My Qubi

    Our client, ExSilent, develops products for people with hearing loss. For most people, starting to use a hearing aid can have quite an impact on their daily routine, or even social life. Qubi has been developed so people can deal with this in a totally new and flexible way. This ‘earable’ is […]

  • Babies Everywhere

    In 2014 a team from Oxford University came to us with their plan to use a patented ESA folding mechanism for a new type of baby cot. The mission: to design the fastest foldable baby cot in the market. In this specific case our client was in its earliest start-up phase, which meant we would first focus […]


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