Innovatie door ontwerp

  • Puqpress M2

    De Puqress Original heeft in de afgelopen jaren zijn plek in de koffiewereld veroverd. Baristas over heel de wereld kunnen niet meer zonder en koffie werd nog nooit zo exact samen aangedrukt. In 2018 werd ons nieuwste ontwerp gelanceerd: de Puqpress M2. Dit is Puqpress in een nieuwe gedaante: sterk, […]

  • Like a boss

      Gerrard Str. is relatively new on the scene but already left quite an impression with their high tech, life-style take on the circular economy. Gerrard St. headphones have a completely modular design, which means that if the owners have a broken cable or a malfunctioning speaker, there is no […]

  • Handshake with the Internet Of Things

      In 2016 we got the invitation to work together with Post&Eger, a Dutch supplier of high quality door fittings. To fuel their innovation strategy they asked us for a designers perspective on future access to buildings. A question that gets our design juices flowing! The challenge was to create […]

  • The Original Puqpress

    Precision tool for Baristas With our help Barista Technology was able to develop a product that is fast, intuitive and ready for mass production. The design was made with careful consideration of its users: baristas all over the world. Puqpress intuitively guides the port-a-filter in place where an inductive sensor automatically sets in […]


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