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  • Handshake with the Internet Of Things

      In 2016 we got the invitation to work together with Post&Eger, a Dutch supplier of high quality door fittings. To fuel their innovation strategy they asked us for a designers perspective on future access to buildings. A question that gets our design juices flowing! The challenge was to create […]

  • High Five Bell

    A short while ago we made a creative pit stop in Amsterdam at Buutvrij For Life, masters in marketing. We felt it was time for a design intermezzo and wanted to work together with fellow creatives on something unique, quirky and one-off.  The challenge we set was: to find the ultimate […]

  • My Qubi

    Our client and friend, ExSilent, develops products for people with hearing loss. For most people, starting to use a hearing aid can have quite an impact on their daily routine, and even social life. Qubi, their newest innovation has been developed so people can deal with this in a totally new and flexible […]

  • A Lifesaving Amulet

    In collaboration with electronics expert Sodaq we designed a new generation emergency-trackers and executed the manufacturing of a small batch of products. The heart of the technology is based on the wireless communication network Lo-Ra, making it possible to send data with extreme low power use. This emergency tracker steps up to connect elderly […]

  • Babies Everywhere

    In 2014 a team from Oxford University came to us with their plan to use a patented ESA folding mechanism for a new type of baby cot. The mission: to design the fastest foldable baby cot in the market. In this specific case our client was in its earliest start-up phase, which meant we would first focus […]

  • Perfect espresso

    “Puqpress was designed to give users speed, precision and joy. We have pushed the boundaries of what fits in an elegant shape, striking the balance between performance and approachability.”  Joy of use With our help Barista Technology was able to develop a product that is fast, intuitive and ready for mass production. Design efforts were […]

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