Smart energy storage

Bananagun is proud to be the design partner for BLIQ, the innovative initiative that was launched by Solar Clarity in March 2019.

BLIQ offers a solution for smart, sustainable and affordable energy. It is an intelligent platform that provides a detailed insight in your household’s energy consumption. An advanced battery system makes it possible to store power in a smart way. For instance when solar-power is readily available, or when energy prices are low.

The challenge
For a successful market entry it is essential to tackle the varying forms of user demands. Energy profiles differ per household, and the design has to be able to address the variation. Furthermore the installers and installation companies play a vital role. The solution that is optimised for easy, comfortable and fail-safe installation will prove to be most successful.

The innovation
The BLIQ battery is designed as a completely modular system, making it easy for consumers to upgrade their storage capacity. Furthermore every step of the installation procedure is designed to bring the possibility of a faulty or incomplete installation to an absolute minimum.

The result
We were able to develop a complete concept within 6 months, giving Solar Clarity the opportunity to launch BLIQ during the Solar Solutions Expo 2019. Solar Clarity is now one of the few companies that is able to show that they are truly ready for the energy transition.



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