A Lifesaving Amulet




Product Design

In collaboration with electronics expert Sodaq we designed a new generation emergency-trackers and executed the manufacturing of a small batch of products. The heart of the technology is based on the wireless communication network Lo-Ra, making it possible to send data with extreme low power use. This emergency tracker steps up to connect elderly user with the Internet of Things. For this project, the client asked for a design that changes the negative associations people have with the existing ’emergency buttons’ around!

The tracker is still in a stage of product development and commercial validation. At this stage there is a specific need for a low cost way to manufacture a small series of products. The goal is to execute a pilot with users, investors and stakeholders alike, before (mass-) manufacturing the wearable. These numbers do not allow the high investments in tools that are used for production of large numbers.

For this occasion we made a design that could be made in our workshop using soft moulds. Some photo’s of the moulds were included in the slider above.

Sodaq design2-12-12


Design to change perception

With regards to stigma’s that are present in emergency products for elderly, we took the opportunity to change the perception of the product. Currently an aged person, in need of an emergency connection, would wear a red button on the front of the chest, for everyone to see. We turned the product around, defining the button as the back of the product. This way the user will be aware of the emergency option in a very private manner. In an attempt to create an elegant piece of hardware, we looked closely at our favourite pieces of contemporary jewellery. The result is an amulet, gently hiding it’s true purpose.

The pattern that was created on the front of the device reflects the structure of woven fabric in order to blend in with it’s wearers outfit.


design process Sodaq-13

design process Sodaq-14

Some snap shots made during the process:

design process Sodaq-11

Sodaq design2-16




Sodaq design2-18

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