Puqpress M2

The Puqpress Original has made its mark in the world of coffee. Baristas all over the world can’t live without anymore it and coffee has never yet been tamped with such precision and speed.

In 2018 our latest Puqpress design was launched, the Puqpress M2. It’s Puqpress technology in a brand new appearance: strong, stackable and made from 1 solid chunk of metal.

The Challenge
Create a completely new Puqpress that can be perfectly combined with the Victoria Arduino coffee grinder. This is a challenge of securing stability, innovating with regard to producibility and capturing the right style. How do we keep the Puqpress identity intact, while the design still creates a unity with the grinder?

The innovation
We explored the limits of Aluminum production. The M2 is designed in such a way that the house can be cast in 1 solid piece of aluminum.

The result
This new approach to manufacturability makes the M2 extremely strong, with a luxurious feel, while the Puqpress style is still honoured. Moreover, bringing down the number of produced parts makes the design economically very attractive.

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