The Original Puqpress

Precision tool for Baristas

With our help Barista Technology was able to develop a product that is fast, intuitive and ready for mass production. The design was made with careful consideration of its users: baristas all over the world. Puqpress intuitively guides the port-a-filter in place where an inductive sensor automatically sets in the tamping motion. In 1.3 seconds the coffee grounds are tamped under a specific pressure and completely level. Baristas want absolute precision, and Puqpress gives it to them.

What does Puqpress press?

A perfect cup of espresso is the result of optimising your variables. The quality of the beans or the way you roast or grind them are a few of these variables. Similarly, one of the key factors in this process is carefully tamping the coffee grounds in your port-a-filter. Normally this is done manually which means that the pressure is never constant and the surface never exactly level, resulting in imperfections in the water flow through your coffee which ultimately affects the flavour. Puqpress was created to make sure that your coffee is always evenly tamped at the pressure set by the user.sketch Puqpress


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