My Qubi

Our client, ExSilent, develops products for people with hearing loss.

For most people, starting to use a hearing aid can have quite an impact on their daily routine, or even social life. Qubi has been developed so people can deal with this in a totally new and flexible way. This ‘earable’ is a product (young) people can buy online and start using straight away.

Understanding the experience

The project presented us with 2 exciting challenges. First, Qubi aims to replace the audicien, a professional that normally gives you the information and instructions to put a hearing aid into your ear. Secondly, to appeal to a younger audience it’s paramount to deal with the social stigmas associated with using a hearing aid.

Easy listening!

Our design solution is an integration of Qubi, its packaging and the key accessories. This total package not only smoothly guides users into their ‘first use’. It also gives them the confidence to ‘insert’ Qubi at spontaneous occasions, like a meeting or presentation, without people noticing.

The project resulted in the (patented) design of the SmartCase, a device that functions as the on/off switch of Qubi. This way Qubi itself could be kept the size of a peanut, making it almost invisible to others when wearing it.

The project was awarded with an IF design award.

Our Responsibilities

– Experience Design

– Concept creation

– Design for Manufacturing

– Final Product Reviews






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