High Five Bell


Buutvrij For Life


Product Design

A short while ago we made a creative pit stop in Amsterdam at Buutvrij For Life, masters in marketing. We felt it was time for a design intermezzo and wanted to work together with fellow creatives on something unique, quirky and one-off. 

The challenge we set was: to find the ultimate Buutvrij doorbellWhy a doorbell? Because this is your first opportunity to break the ice with a visitor. It is a chance to engage newcomers even before you open the door. We call it a physical representation of your brand.

Oh, and off course because its a lot of fun.

Ideas flew all around! We can say that at least 7 doorbell concepts will one day have to be made (favourites were the BELFIE and the DILEMMA BELL). For now, however, we agreed on executing the highest priority. To create the first High Five Bell in the world!

We take designing very seriously, but that does not mean that every design needs to be serious. We happily use it to create experiences, engage an audience and change the way we look at daily objects. 


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