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Gerrard Street


Product Design


Gerrard Str. is relatively new on the scene but already left quite an impression with their high tech, life-style take on the circular economy. Gerrard St. headphones have a completely modular design, which means that if the owners have a broken cable or a malfunctioning speaker, there is no need to replace the entire product. Send the broken part in for recycling and you will receive a new part that is easily attachable. The mission: keeping the material wastage low and taking away the anxiety of breaking your expensive headphone, when all that is broken is a minor part!

Bananagun was asked to design the new wireless model, the BOSS. The main challenge was to create a strong visual identity (one that makes the brand Gerrard Street recognisable on the streets) while keeping a simple design. In this model, technology is integrated in a modular way so each part is still easily detachable and fits through the mailbox. 

The design first aired in its successful crowdfunding campaign in 2017, which means that the BOSS wil be seen on the streets in 2018.

Congratulations for the guys at Gerrard Street!

Check out more at Gerrard Street and have a look at the crowdfunding page.

The design proces was based on exploring ways of modularity, joy of use and a strong brand recognition. Parts of the exploration is captured below.

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