Handshake with the Internet Of Things


Post en Eger


Product Design


In 2016 we got the invitation to work together with Post&Eger, a Dutch supplier of high quality door fittings. To fuel their innovation strategy they asked us for a designers perspective on future access to buildings. A question that gets our design juices flowing!

The challenge was to create the ‘concept car among door fittings’. Like a concept car, the purpose of the prototype is to evoke conversation and guide future developments. It communicates a vision in which the door handle takes on its role in the Internet Of Things. 

The inspiration and theme for the challenge was set by a quote by architect Juhani Pallasmaa: “The door handle is the handshake of a building”  A perfect start! Why? Because the quote reveals 2 possible qualities of a door handle that we hardly ever experience.

First, a handshake between people is not a one way interaction, like opening a door. It’s an exchange of identities, information, emotional states. ‘Who do I have the pleasure of meeting?’ ‘Nice to see you again’ or you might think: ‘Wow, what a firm handshake..’

Secondly, it states that the door handle is part of something bigger; the building. This is interesting because through a building information and people move about. Which rooms are accessible or available? Where do I need to be? What’s the reservation schedule for next month?

Based on these insights we made Lucy, a ‘living and breathing’ concept that connects to the building and the people in it.

Lucy can function in different ways and in different types of public buildings, for example:

  1. Hotels: Lucy would know if people left the room, and could clearly show that the room is ready for cleaning.
  2. Schools: Lucy would have control, and could communicate, who has acces to a room and who doesn’t.
  3. Companies: Connected to the schedule of room reservations, Lucy can communicate availability of the rooms and collect data on room usage.
  4. Hospitals: Using colour indication she could subtly show people how to navigate through the corridors.

The following storyboard is an example of how she could function in an office like environment.



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