1, 2, baby and go!

The British start-up ‘Oxford Space Structures’ came to us with a mission: ‘to create the first baby-cot that can be deployed and refolded in the blink of an eye’.

The challange
A this early stage a start-up is best served with insights, finance and a clear product identity. How, in a short span of time, do we get all stakeholders to rally behind a concept that in which they will invest their time, money and efforts? And who will be the users that the design will target?

The solution
After analysing the context of use, three different opportunities became apparent. The opportunities were visualised into three concepts, each with a different meaning. Doing this, the decision on the most suitable product identity could be made at a very early stage. Besides carefully matching the product identity to the mindset of young parents, strict functional requirements had to be met during the design proces. This resulted in a foldable baby-cot as the ideal travel product for busy and ambitious mommies and daddies.

The result
The prototype that we developed secured the first considerable investment. This made it possible for the company to grow, within 2 years, to a brand that is available in more than 35 stores in the United Kingdom.




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