Our tools

We create and validate innovative consumer products. And this is how it’s done:

 1. Design Research

Good design does not fall from the sky. Understanding the company, market and context factors is essential. The better we understand the challenge, the more effective we can respond with the appropriate creation.

 2. Ideation

Opportunities for smart design are uncovered by exploration. There is no better way than to sketch and search your way. We use realistic concept visualisations to make the comparison between the most promising directions.

 3. Proof Of Concept

Every innovation goes hand in hand with assumptions and insecurities. This is why technological proof and market evaluation are essential. In our design-lab prototypes are developed and tests are executed, taking away the risks one by one.

4. Integrated Design

The integrated design holds all the aspects of the final product in a digital CAD assembly. This digital file forms the basis for a fully functional prototype as an exact representation of the final product.

5. Design For Production (DFM)

Although the entire process is driven by producibility, this final step actually takes care of all the aspects of realising the design. At the end of this phase the products are neatly delivered at your doorstep.

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